Making your thesis papers ready for printing is a miles stone in the way of achieving an academic degree. Examiners often expect whether the writer is compliance with the style of writing his papers. Therefore, an academic writer has to follow a definite style of referencing and uniform set of rules to spell and punctuate; to ensure the logical sequence of the paragraphs, sections, etc.; to ensure your presentation scholarly, appealing and at the same time to the points; to ensure your content is free from plagiarism.

I can assist you if you provide me the following:

The title of the thesis
Your findings/result/inference
The literature relevant to the points you want to establish and to the prescribed sections of the thesis
The order in which literature review is to be written
The methodology and procedure followed
The draft discussion

I shall shape the complete thesis papers and provide it for your thorough go-through, consultation with your guide/supervisor and suggest the correction, addition, deletion or modification if any which I term first revision.

This first revision will be done free of cost.

In case you provide me the draft thesis,

I will work in the following areas of-


  • I will do internet research.
  • Based on the information, data and references given by the scholar, I will write in my own words.

Review of Literature:

  • I will check up the contextual and argumentative rationale of the literature with the scholar’s writing.

Materials and Methodology adopted:

  • I will alter wordy and bombastic sentences into plain, precise and clear English so that the reader does not have to read such sentence twice or thrice.


I will check up whether your language is determined and authoritative.

Further, I will check up the language used in the entire report is punctually and grammatically correct, and all the words are spelled correctly.

You are welcome!