Conversation that lead to Silence

“Jacob Pannir Selvam”
“My father’s father married my Christian grandmother.”
“Then, aren’t you a Christian?”
“I was born to a Christian parent.”
“Then, say you are a Christian. And listen to some words from the Bible.”
“No, I don’t have time now; moreover, I am following Hindu way of life.”
“Oh, a Christian following the Hindu way of life, how can you do?”
“I know a person born for Hindu parent following Christianity. And may another Hindu following Islamic cultures be present anywhere.”
“No, no, I could not understand.”
“Please understand, religions are many, but the thing which is believed as god is one.”
“I believe Jesus Christ as my saviour and He is the son of God. You believe Lord Shiva or someone as the God. How the things you and I believe could be one?”
“Where does the belief arise?”
“It does arise within my Self.”
“It does arise within your Self-Individualized, this term is correct.”
“What do you mean by the term?”
“Self is common and it is characterised by its detachment from the genome of anybody, whereas Selves-Individualized are many, and are characterised by their attachment to their bodies. You and I are two among them.”
“Do you mean that the belief arises in the Self, which is common to all? And if it is so, how can you and I have two different belief?”
“You believe the so called god in your Self-Individualized, whereas I think about the omnipotent in my Self. You do believe depending upon the genome of your body; I do believe not depending upon the genome. Genome controls everybody’s cognition of what are attached to the Self-individualized.”
“How can you say that I perceive God in my Self-Individualized; I also perceive God in the state of my Self.”
“My dear friend, when you perceive god remaining in the state of the Self, you could not distinguish belief as a Hindu belief, Christian belief or Muslim belief; it is just a belief which will not be a false.”
“How can I believe this?”
“Detach your genome from you.”
“What are you talking, how it is possible?”
“It is possible when you meditate on where is your entity is!”

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