Academic Writing

Academic writing is different from other areas of writing. It requires certain standard norms. It has its own styles. Checking up your manuscript is a discipline. And when it comes to academic writing, punctuations, spell-check, grammar-check, run-on, plagiarism-check, logical sequence and much more deserve careful consideration.
After completion of any academic writing, check-up your confidence on the following:

  • All your sentences are complete
  • All your sentences are meaningful
  • All your sentences are grammatically correct
  • All your words are spelled correctly
  • Transitions between paragraphs and sections are smooth
  • Your arguments are placed suitably, and they are worded simply but strongly
  • Your writing is suitably structured
  • The referencing details are as per norms
  • In the area of Literature Review, all your sentences have contextual and logical rationale with the literature
  • In the area of Inference/Summary your language is plain, precise and clear

If you are doubtful on the above points, and tired of years’ long hard work on your research work altogether, you may require my service.