About Me

My teacher Dr. M. Balasubraminian, Historian, blessing me.


As a clerk in the beginning of my career, as a trade unionist for
about 26 years and as the Secretary and President of a social welfare
association, I have earned vast experience in writing good English.
All these years I was actively holding correspondence with various
Ministries and departments of Union Government of India. My recent
successful completion of a professional content writing course
has given me the skill for writing academic writing with required

style referencing.Among other things, following are the testimonials for my passion for writing:

Published books:


  1. Unarvu Porulaathal (2001)
  2. Marabanuvum Marupiravium (2003)


  1. What is not God? (2012)
  2. Genome and Incarnation (Un-published)


  1. Vegetable & Herbs Gardening inside your home – Health Indoor
  2. Teacher-Student Affair

Translated books English to Tamil:

  1. A guide-lining book containing Rules and regulations to be followed by debt recovery agents of Indian finance banking institutions
  2. Obesity

I am an experienced content writer,

Yours Ever Sincerely